Welcome to St. Urban Wines

Written by Jeremy Kode

Welcome to St. Urban Wines - an online wine merchant, delivering wines to your door Australia wide.

I launched Geronimo Aperitivo Bar & Restaurant in 2015 to provide Launceston, Tasmania with a fresh take on European tradition and a place that encourages eating, drinking and socialising  adventures. From there it was a natural progression to create St. Urban Wines, an online wine adventure. 

My travels, education and professional career over the last decade are what have led me in creating a range of experiences where people can enjoy, learn and engage over a common interest. I see food and wine as a critical component in bringing people together and one that aides in the creation of long lasting memories.

I met Mark in 2015 over a shared passion for wine and he has recently joined St. Urban Wines, his extensive knowledge and passion for this industry is what made him the best co conspirator for this adventure.

And with this St. Urban has come to fruition, we both have a genuine desire to provide a better experience and introduce you to something new whether that be wines, recipes from Geronimo or our tailored wine experiences.

What you can expect from St. Urban both online and offline - 

  • Tailored wine recommendations and food pairings

  • Exclusive Invites to -

    • Tasting Events

    • Lunches and Dinners 

    • Vineyard Tours

    • Access to barrel room tastings

Start browsing your next wine adventure.

- Jeremy